Positive Thoughts - Just Because

“Life is very simple -”

I just found this gem in my Bible from 1994. Looks like life would have been simpler if I had continuously followed my "younger me" advice:

In the Music Room

Piano Music for the FUN of it!

As a little break from the everyday lesson books, I've put together a music list that is great to keep students engaged in piano playing over the summer! These books are perfect to motivate students! Best for students who have taken a year or less: Jazz & Blues Level 1 Disney Level 1 Popular Level… Continue reading Piano Music for the FUN of it!

In the Music Room, Positive Thoughts - Just Because


I pull this happy song out with my music students every year for Valentine's Day. It's a favorite of mine from childhood, as my mom always sang it with us in the car. "I love you in the morning and in the afternoon, I love you in the evening 'neath the silvery moon..." It occurred… Continue reading Skinnamarink

Positive Thoughts - Just Because


The time of day that I was born has certainly never been a big deal to me. What is a big deal, though, is that it was huge to my dad. As a teenager, when my dad would look at me and wink and just say 4:44, it was his secret way of saying "dad… Continue reading 4:44

In the Kitchen

Lazy Potato Soup

This recipe, born of refusal to go to the grocery store on a cold day, isn't just easy, it's pure lazy! To make it even lazier, make sure to cover the crock pot with a liner so there is zero clean up! Enjoy! This blog site may contain affiliate links that will not take you… Continue reading Lazy Potato Soup

Positive Thoughts - Just Because


Ever been so low that you just couldn't put one foot in front of the other? Hopeless doesn't even begin to describe how you feel? As I sat on the steps of my townhouse 5 years ago, staring at my wrist, I was there. Heartbreak upon heartbreak, I couldn't see through the tears. A thought… Continue reading Kyla

My Favorite Things


So I just told a robot thank you… While I was able to spend time with my daughter, fold laundry, empty trash, and walk the dogs, she vacuumed my whole house! I had some initial guilt over buying "Cinderella." However, I was drowning in dust & constantly sick, two jobs, my daughters' activities, and being… Continue reading “Cinderella”