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Musical Positivity

I thought I’d share some of the quotes from famous musicians that are posted in our music room. Find some time to sing or dance this weekend!


Positive Thoughts - Just Because

Immeasurably More

Positive Thoughts - Just Because

40 days ‘til 40

I’m there. My birthday is an event I usually ignore, but this year it’s glaring at me. So instead of wondering what’s next and feeling like I’m at a roadblock, I’m going to view this as a pathway to plans for hope-FULL future. Here’s my blue-eyed why:

I rarely share my goals, probably out of fear of failure. This time, I’m sharing to encourage my friends to continue pressing forward, no matter how high the mountain is that you’re climbing. The accountability is probably also necessary to keep me from pizza and chocolate cake, I do not want to be forty and completely flabby! B07C5G3NR7

I’ve given myself a 40 day calendar that I filled in with my personal daily fitness goals.  (I need low-impact activities for asthma, and Pick Your Level Pilates is great for a de-stressing routine.) Next to the calendar, I’ve given myself a daily checklist of personal goals I had previously set, but they are useless sitting in an untouched notebook. My intention was to print one calendar page, but I decided to spring for more ink and printed 40 so that I am able to make notes and honestly track my daily goals, which are divided into physical, mental, and spiritualB0731NLW62

At the bottom of the calendar, I’ve placed my favorite reminder of hope:

This idea of a countdown ’til 40 was born out of complete frustration for my current state, though my daughter says it’s completely cliche. My thought, though, is that great things can happen in simple time spans, so why not start here?

Click for blank 40 days ’til 40 Calendar to personalize.

Click for blank 40 days ’til __________ Calendar to personalize.

Happy goal setting!


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Positive Thoughts - Just Because



In the Kitchen

Fantasy Fudge

Nope, not my recipe. In fact, it’s straight from the marshmallow Jet-Puff jar. But, in honor of Dad’s birthday today, I’m sharing because of all the “fantastic” times he surprised us with fudge!

Positive Thoughts - Just Because

LIVING with Asthma

I do not mind that it’s raining. I am thankful to be walking in the rain. I am thankful to be walking!

As the school year ended and summer vacation approached, I had one goal. Spend time with my daughter and dogs, and hopefully to do that through lots of walks and jogs together. The stress of the end of school year landed me with bronchitis, though, and I was in such a hurry flurry but I did not take time for a solid two weeks to see a doctor. By then, it was into acute bronchitis. When I saw my pulmonologist two weeks later, I was needing another steroid shot as the asthma kicked in full force as well.


Reflective Leashes

I remember one particularly scary Sunday afternoon in June, when I got home from church, the asthma was so bad that I was scared to climb the steps. Even after breathing treatments I didn’t make it upstairs until 10 o’clock that night.

As the weeks stretched on, I realized that I could forget jogging. Forget walking! I was down to the absolute daily necessities that had to be done. I was completely couched and spent many nights sleeping upright on the couch so that no more congestion would get into my lungs.

There have been times that I couldn’t breathe to the point of feeling like my lungs would explode and my heart would pound right out of my chest. I checked my heart rate one afternoon after going up the steps, and it was the same as it was in the summer before when I was running at my top speed. I would not have voiced it, but there were so many times when such incidents have happened that I was afraid that God was going to leave my 13-year-old daughter without her mommy.


Running Gear

I think that God most definitely used this time of rest and healing, though. Instead of running and working like crazy, I have had the time to write. I’ve had the time to practice piano, and rediscover. I have made peace with songs, such as It is Well, and I’ve been able to genuinely say “it is well with my soul”, because what choice do you have when you can’t do anything for yourself? What choice do you have when you have no choice but to trust?

I kept walking. So much so, that my dog looked at me like I was crazy and pointed her head to go home. Perhaps I kept walking because I feared that if I didn’t do it now, I wouldn’t be able to do this tomorrow. Two nights ago, I remember standing at the end of the driveway and looking up the hill to the end of the road and being terrified to walk it, because I knew I couldn’t.


Christmas Pet T’s

For some reason, God allowed today to be a day of healing. I’m going to look at the steps as steps of faith that God has indeed heard my prayer as I have repeated and begged “heal me, oh God and I will be healed, save me and I will be saved”.

As I walked, I turned a corner and saw a fantastic rainbow. One side of the sky was completely dark, yet the other was painted with God’s promise that He is in control. There may be ups and downs, but “it is well with my soul”. We can rest in the assurance that He is working in the times of distress and healing.


This blog site may contain affiliate links that will not take you to crazy websites.  If you purchase something, I might earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Thank you for your support!

In the Music Room, Positive Thoughts - Just Because

“The Bare Necessities”

This blog site may contain affiliate links that will not take you to crazy websites.  If you purchase something, I might earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Thank you for your support!

I’ve embraced the message in this song as my students learned it in Music this week. We teach our children to have an attitude of gratitude, yet we are constantly acquiring more stuff. As I watched my kiddos happily dance and sing, I was reminded to embrace the pure love of life and simply enjoy the LIFE right in front of me!

The Bare Necessities (From "The Jungle Book"/Soundtrack Version)

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