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‘Tis the Season!

Musicians always need an early start to prep and practice for seasonal music, and Christmas is no exception for the piano student.  I have found that playing traditional Christmas music causes huge learning leaps, and motivates like none other.  However, the trick is to pick versions that are playable without too much frustration so that… Continue reading ‘Tis the Season!

In the Music Room

The PIANO Classroom

Think back to your childhood. Did you take piano lessons? If so, did you stick with it? Did you enjoy them? Another thought, what was your first piano teacher like? I remember sitting on the couch in silence, waiting, as my sisters went through their lessons, afraid to make a peep. I remember that my… Continue reading The PIANO Classroom

In the Music Room

Kyla’s First Recording

This girl had to be my first post "In the Music Room". She sings with her heart and soul, and THAT is what music, life, is all about! Enjoy! YouTube Kyla  The first time I played piano for Kyla, my feelings were actually a bit bruised at her howling. As time went on, I realized… Continue reading Kyla’s First Recording

In the Music Room

Making the Music Connection

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