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“It Doesn’t Matter” – the lie we tell ourselves

I love looking at life through the perspective of a child, simply because there’s always wisdom to be gained.

A little girl was recently telling me about her friend that had found new friends. She ended her story with a shrug and said, “it doesn’t matter”, but her eyes held distress.

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Too often, we speak those dismissive words of avoidance and say, “it doesn’t matter “.

What if we changed those words into truth, though? “It did matter, it did hurt, but I’m letting it go”.

We don’t realize the wounds we bury in the name of “it doesn’t matter “, yet those things build up and are never dealt with, and they become such weight on our souls.

To my tough little girl, I know you will be strong enough to allow yourself to move past the bruises. Because when you allow yourself to set the “doesn’t matters” aside, you free yourself to live the “does matters” of life that are much more worthy of our time, energy and attention.


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