In the Kitchen

Fantasy Fudge

Nope, not my recipe. In fact, it's straight from the marshmallow Jet-Puff jar. But, in honor of Dad's birthday today, I'm sharing because of all the "fantastic" times he surprised us with fudge!

Positive Thoughts - Just Because

LIVING with Asthma

I do not mind that it's raining. I am thankful to be walking in the rain. I am thankful to be walking! As the school year ended and summer vacation approached, I had one goal. Spend time with my daughter and dogs, and hopefully to do that through lots of walks and jogs together. The… Continue reading LIVING with Asthma

In the Kitchen

Cream Cheese Danish

To the person in Atlanta who gave this recipe to mom back in the 90's...thank you! To the person who's about to love this bit of're welcome! Shop Girls' Dresses This "danish" is so quick and eAsy, and is perfect to serve with fresh fruit as breakfast for holiday guests . Shop Holiday Party… Continue reading Cream Cheese Danish

In the Music Room, Positive Thoughts - Just Because

I can’t sing for you…

I don't have your voice. I don't have the special abilities that belong solely to YOU. We tell kids what to do, what not to do, lead their lines and give them assignments and chores. How often, though, do we trust them to shine in their own talent?     I heard a choir director… Continue reading I can’t sing for you…

Positive Thoughts - Just Because

“It Doesn’t Matter” – the lie we tell ourselves

I love looking at life through the perspective of a child, simply because there's always wisdom to be gained. A little girl was recently telling me about her friend that had found new friends. She ended her story with a shrug and said, "it doesn't matter", but her eyes held distress. Shop girls' Christmas dresses!… Continue reading “It Doesn’t Matter” – the lie we tell ourselves

In the Music Room, My Favorite Things

‘Tis the Season!

Musicians always need an early start to prep and practice for seasonal music, and Christmas is no exception for the piano student.  I have found that playing traditional Christmas music causes huge learning leaps, and motivates like none other.  However, the trick is to pick versions that are playable without too much frustration so that… Continue reading ‘Tis the Season!

In the Kitchen

Simply Sweet Potatoes

I love fall flavors, and what food is more naturally fall than sweet potatoes? The struggle, though, is the temptation to load them with butter, brown sugar, and marshmallows, soooo good!  Here's a simple substitute that uses nothing but natural ingredients so that you skip the fat, not the flavors!    Shop Fall Dresses for… Continue reading Simply Sweet Potatoes