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Lazy Potato Soup

This recipe, born of refusal to go to the grocery store on a cold day, isn't just easy, it's pure lazy! To make it even lazier, make sure to cover the crock pot with a liner so there is zero clean up! Enjoy! This blog site may contain affiliate links that will not take you… Continue reading Lazy Potato Soup

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Easy Apple Pie

Need a last-minute quick and easy dessert for company? Though it doesn't have the fancy designed crust, your family will be saying, "how 'bout them apples!"Scroll to the bottom for a printable recipe card. Enjoy!This blog site may contain affiliate links that will not take you to crazy websites.  If you purchase something, I might… Continue reading Easy Apple Pie

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Perfect Pound Cake… entitled because I've made so many cake flops before that I can now share some fool proof tips. I remember the first cake I made. It was a chocolate cake for my then-boyfriend's 16th birthday party. Embarrassed, I presented a platter full of crumbled cake-pieces and stuck candles in it. Baking cakes is a… Continue reading Perfect Pound Cake…

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

My earliest memory of baking is with my dad, teaching me to bake chocolate chip cookies.  It's remained one of my favorites to bake, what can beat a fresh chocolate chip cookie hot from the oven?          Airbake Natural 2 Pack Cookie Sheet Set Baking cookies turned into my first job.  Dad… Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Fantasy Fudge

Nope, not my recipe. In fact, it's straight from the marshmallow Jet-Puff jar. But, in honor of Dad's birthday today, I'm sharing because of all the "fantastic" times he surprised us with fudge!

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Cream Cheese Danish

To the person in Atlanta who gave this recipe to mom back in the 90's...thank you! To the person who's about to love this bit of're welcome! Shop Girls' Dresses This "danish" is so quick and eAsy, and is perfect to serve with fresh fruit as breakfast for holiday guests . Shop Holiday Party… Continue reading Cream Cheese Danish

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Simply Sweet Potatoes

I love fall flavors, and what food is more naturally fall than sweet potatoes? The struggle, though, is the temptation to load them with butter, brown sugar, and marshmallows, soooo good!  Here's a simple substitute that uses nothing but natural ingredients so that you skip the fat, not the flavors!    Shop Fall Dresses for… Continue reading Simply Sweet Potatoes