Positive Thoughts - Just Because


The time of day that I was born has certainly never been a big deal to me. What is a big deal, though, is that it was huge to my dad.

As a teenager, when my dad would look at me and wink and just say 4:44, it was his secret way of saying “dad loves you.” As I got older, he would make it a point to call me at 4:44 in the afternoon, or even send me a text at 4:44 that said “dad loves you.”

I can’t say how many times over the years I have a screenshot of 4:44 PM on my phone, but it happens so often that I glance down and see it on the screen.

My dad passed away in 2012, but every time I see it it’s like he’s winking at me and saying “dad loves you,” and I can’t help but smile at the twinkle I know I’d see in those mischievous green eyes.

Parents, I share that with you to say please use it if you would like. Even a 40 year old child will love the reminder that you love them just by looking at the time!

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