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Ever been so low that you just couldn’t put one foot in front of the other? Hopeless doesn’t even begin to describe how you feel?

As I sat on the steps of my townhouse 5 years ago, staring at my wrist, I was there. Heartbreak upon heartbreak, I couldn’t see through the tears.

A thought struck me: get a dog, now! I slowly lifted my phone, found the gumption to type in my search.

I remember driving in a haze to get her from a lady, apologizing that it was during the Super Bowl, but honestly, I didn’t care. I just needed someone to love me unconditionally.

Here’s the Facebook post I made the next day:

Sounds cheerful, right? How great we are at hiding the fears and tears behind a picture and the “right” words. No one would have known how quickly God had turned my hopelessness into hope within a matter of hours, through my sweet baby dog. It’s amazing how God used this little puppy to put my back together, to keep my heart from flatlining.

I’m so thankful for this mommy-walking, brownie stealing, dishwasher licking, trash can opening, hymn-singing couch queen called Kyla.

This is not a story that I ever thought I would share beyond my best friend, who calls her my “savior dog”. But I did share it with my daughter (I share with you for the same reason), because I want her to know that no matter how low you are at any point in life, God will always give you a way, will always give you renewed HOPE.

2 thoughts on “Kyla”

  1. I absolutely love this! Animals give us pure, sweet, unconditional love … and sometimes God’s way of giving true love to someone who needs it. I know that to be true without a doubt! ❤️

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