My Favorite Things


So I just told a robot thank you…

While I was able to spend time with my daughter, fold laundry, empty trash, and walk the dogs, she vacuumed my whole house!


I had some initial guilt over buying “Cinderella.” However, I was drowning in dust & constantly sick, two jobs, my daughters’ activities, and being a single parent. Add in extra children coming in for piano lessons, plus (the main culprits!) two LABS, I couldn’t keep up. The bottom line is that I just needed help.

I was skeptical as to how much cleaner our home would actually be with so much doggy-love in the house, but I’m pleasantly surprised! Here’s a confessional photo to show how much dog hair she picks up in one cleaning…

Cinderella vacuums daily, and I just don’t have to, a relief to have checked off the never-ending list!

Between Alexa-enabled voice control and easy iPhone Shark app, starting and scheduling Cinderella from anywhere couldn’t be easier. Don’t tell my mother, but I think this will be her next birthday gift!

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