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40 days ‘til 40

I’m there. My birthday is an event I usually ignore, but this year it’s glaring at me. So instead of wondering what’s next and feeling like I’m at a roadblock, I’m going to view this as a pathway to plans for hope-FULL future. Here’s my blue-eyed why:

I rarely share my goals, probably out of fear of failure. This time, I’m sharing to encourage my friends to continue pressing forward, no matter how high the mountain is that you’re climbing. The accountability is probably also necessary to keep me from pizza and chocolate cake, I do not want to be forty and completely flabby! B07C5G3NR7

I’ve given myself a 40 day calendar that I filled in with my personal daily fitness goals.  (I need low-impact activities for asthma, and Pick Your Level Pilates is great for a de-stressing routine.) Next to the calendar, I’ve given myself a daily checklist of personal goals I had previously set, but they are useless sitting in an untouched notebook. My intention was to print one calendar page, but I decided to spring for more ink and printed 40 so that I am able to make notes and honestly track my daily goals, which are divided into physical, mental, and spiritualB0731NLW62

At the bottom of the calendar, I’ve placed my favorite reminder of hope:

This idea of a countdown ’til 40 was born out of complete frustration for my current state, though my daughter says it’s completely cliche. My thought, though, is that great things can happen in simple time spans, so why not start here?

Click for blank 40 days ’til 40 Calendar to personalize.

Click for blank 40 days ’til __________ Calendar to personalize.

Happy goal setting!


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