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I can’t sing for you…

I don’t have your voice. I don’t have the special abilities that belong solely to YOU.

We tell kids what to do, what not to do, lead their lines and give them assignments and chores. How often, though, do we trust them to shine in their own talent?


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I heard a choir director years ago give the advice “do no sing for your students”. He went on to explain that if we are singing, then we’re not listening.

If we, parents and teachers, are always talking at, speaking for, singing for our children, are we giving them a chance to express themselves? Are we listening to them?

What if we show them how, give them the appropriate tools, then move out of their way?

Children are unlimited in their creativity and talent, and I have to believe that if we give them the opportunity and trust, they will far exceed our ideas and expectations.


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