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‘Tis the Season!

Musicians always need an early start to prep and practice for seasonal music, and Christmas is no exception for the piano student.  I have found that playing traditional Christmas music causes huge learning leaps, and motivates like none other.  However, the trick is to pick versions that are playable without too much frustration so that the students do not become bogged down and forget about their regular music.  I recommend sticking with motivation to increase practice time.  Let’s call it “Christmas cheer without the fear!”  It’s also a great time to ask your student to show off what they’re playing, and perhaps ask for a Christmas Carol Sing-Along in which the whole family can participate!


Click to download PianoGuys: A Family Christmas

Below are book recommendations for beginning piano students to year three.  The beauty of Christmas carols is that they are timeless and great for review at any stage!

Beginner to 1st year:


Playtime Piano Christmas Level 1


Popular Christmas Songs Primer Level

First to Second Year:


ShowTime Piano Christmas Level 2A


ChordTime Piano Christmas Level 2B


Popular Christmas Songs Level 1

Second to Third Year:


Popular Christmas Songs Level 2


FunTime Piano Christmas Level 3A – 3B

(And of course, there’s that ultimate Christmas Surprise of a new piano to reward all that practice!)img_7237-1 #bestChristmasgiftever

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