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Unplugged – a counterintuitive approach

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I bought myself a present for Mother’s Day two years ago, an Apple Watch. So it might seem contradictory to purchase more technology to de-technology. Actually, it has served the reverse and accomplished my goal: to unplug.

You know that feeling of looking up after 15 minutes of being absorbed in messages, checking Facebook and Twitter, and oh, yeah, (what was the reason I pulled out my phone in the first place?) the text that came in. It is so easy to be drawn into technology that we become absent from life.

I only check the ONE message that comes in, and filter everything else that can wait.

Why? Because I’ve been completely guilty of ignoring life around me and being more interested in what is on the phone. Perhaps we use it as an escape from reality, an imaginary world that’s much greener.

That becomes a dangerous trap, though. I realized I was worried about what text I might be missing instead of listening to my daughter’s adventures of the day, or being “present” for family dinner. I heard myself tell her, “just a minute” as I finished perusing Facebook and finding that when I finished 10 minutes later, she no longer needed me.  Truth be told, I think even my baby dogs got jealous for attention when I was on the phone, as they would sit and stare at me with those sad “love me” eyes.

Thankfully, I found a way to sort through the rubble without missing the important. And hopefully, it’s my friends and family that get the first replies to messages, as they really are the real-life gifts that are worth being present!


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