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Just a Pretty Flower Arrangement?

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I picked these flowers from my garden this morning. It might look like a simple flower arrangement stuck in a mason jar, but there’s so much more…

A month ago I thought this rose bush was dying. It had lost all of its leaves and was obviously “sick”. It broke my heart to lose this bush, because my daughter spent her own money to buy it for me for Mother’s Day.

With Miracle Gro and love, the leaves slowly started reappearing. I’ve watched it every day, hoping and willing it to live.

I think life is so much like this pretty rose bush. We have struggles, times where we lose our leaves and can barely hold on (I’ve certainly been there!).

One morning as I had my coffee on the patio, I noticed that not only was my Mother’s Day rose bush full of leaves, but it was bursting with blooms, waiting for just the right moment to blossom.

Even through its struggles, obviously this bush didn’t lose its will to live, and understood that in God’s perfect time, it would bloom again.

Each time I walk by the mason jar arrangement, I’m reminded that healing, beauty and strength come in God’s time.

Give some love in a mason jar!



1 thought on “Just a Pretty Flower Arrangement?”

  1. Love the arrangement especially with the shadows; great picture! Indeed we all have struggles, thank you for being so positive.


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