In the Music Room

Kyla’s First Recording

This girl had to be my first post “In the Music Room”. She sings with her heart and soul, and THAT is what music, life, is all about!


YouTube Kyla 

The first time I played piano for Kyla, my feelings were actually a bit bruised at her howling. As time went on, I realized she was matching pitch and occasionally even throwing in some harmony. She sang with my piano students as they played. One student even started practicing scales just so Kyla would sing with her (whatever it takes!). I can’t even tell you how much we’ve laughed over her singing, and how much fun we’ve had finding her favorite songs!


What I’ve realized is that Kyla, my pretty chocolate lab, sings as a great example to her humans ~ the more heart and soul she hears us play from the piano, the more she gives. She’s the perfect example of “Then Sings My Soul!”, as she just can’t stop herself!

Side note: Lily, our sweet yellow lab mix, hasn’t quite moved from barking into the singing realm. She sure is cute, though!

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