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Then Sings My Soul!

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As I consider the quote below, I consider not only the truth in it, but I also respect the source.  It is a quote from my uncle, just days before he passed away.  Yet this is how he lived, in a constant effort to maintain a positive attitude regardless of circumstances.  This quote represents life to me.  It represents faith, family, it represents a deep connection of shared generations of wisdom on which I am thankful to build a foundation.

My life has been much less than perfect.  It seems like such a short time ago that I was in high school and college and life seemed like such a simple place to live and love God.  I’ve learned, though, that life can slowly chip away at you, and you no longer look in the mirror and recognize that naive person.

The beauty, though, is in the imperfection that happens along the way.  The lessons we learn through LIVING life, through realizing that purging through fire does indeed make us into more beautiful people.

In those times that life really does seem so difficult you can barely breathe, look up and have hope that some good, something positive, will come of the circumstance.


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